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Stop the aggression of the United States against Venezuela

May 27, 2020

The undersigned parties call for universal conscience, for the democratic ethics of all countries in the world, for their governments to file claims with the United Nations so that the United States stops this terrorist campaign that may end. with a bloodbath in Venezuela:

The United States continues to implement its plan to bring down the Venezuelan government. After the failure of the landing, from Colombia, of a terrorist command in La Guaira, in an operation that undoubtedly had the approval and support of the secret services of the United States and the White House, and after the appearance of contracts signed by mercenaries and former US military to carry out those attacks against Venezuela, along with the confession of some of those detained by the Venezuelan security forces that they intended to kidnap President Maduro and assassinate other leaders, the Trump government , weaving the lie before the eyes of the world, has ignored its evident involvement in the terrorist operation, without renouncing to continue harassing the Caracas government.

This armed incursion, with the complicity of Colombia and the participation of mercenaries and former US military, has failed, but the United States is going to continue promoting its destabilization plan in Venezuela: it tries to unworthily link the Maduro government with the networks of the drug trafficking, and does not rule out military intervention to impose a government that obeys its will, and it does so even when the UN secretary general has called for an end to wars and military attacks worldwide in order to combat the harsh emergency of the pandemic. The United States continues to use the language of imposition and force.

Washington's use of mercenary companies (“contractors”, in the false language of the Pentagon) to carry out terrorist operations and armed attacks is not new: it has done so in many countries in the Middle East, where they have carried out bloody killings. , and the announcements of Elliott Abrams, of Mike Pompeo, of President Trump himself, calling to bring down the Caracas government, along with the activity of his secret services to provoke a rebellion in the Venezuelan armed forces, in addition to diplomatic harassment, the sabotage of its economy and support for violent protests in the interior of the country, reveal the constant and intolerable North American interference in the internal affairs of another country to destabilize it, the search for complicit and indifferent rulers to the destiny of its peoples, the stimulation of hatred.

The world has not forgotten that Washington has long plagued workers, unions, socialist and progressive governments on the American continent, imposing military dictatorships, supporting killings in El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras.. The world has not forgotten that the United States government was side by side with the perjured military who betrayed their compatriots and that Washington openly supported Stroessner, Videla and Pinochet. Today, the United States is behind the overthrow of the legitimate government of Evo Morales in Bolivia; supervised the imposition of the dictatorial government of Áñez in La Paz; Washington was behind the plan to jail Lula and prevent him from running for election in Brazil; it is supporting Bolsonaro's irresponsible far-right government; and it continues with the ruthless blockade against Cuba, after so many decades of suffering.

With absolute disregard for international law, ignoring the obligations of the United Nations Charter and the guidelines of the civilized relationship between countries, Washington imposes punishments and sanctions, coerces other countries to apply its provisions, even blackmailing its allies with the goal of strangling Venezuela. In fact, the Trump administration continues to use the old and bitter rhetoric of imposition and force. While the world suffers from the onslaught of the pandemic, the United States organizes military exercises near the Venezuelan coasts, looks for excuses to justify its harassment and a possible invasion, and the Southern Command of its army in Miami outlines plans to organize it.

We must not forget Guaidó's recognition as "President" of Venezuela by the European Union and several member states, as well as the EU's economic sanctions against Venezuela, in clear submission to the foreign policy of the United States. This is also part of this policy of interference that seeks to take away from the Venezuelan people sovereign control over their destiny. Along with the economic sanctions of the United States, they are contributing to a further deterioration of the economic and humanitarian situation of the population, especially in this time of pandemic. The signatory parties demand the immediate lifting of all sanctions against Venezuela


Parties subscribed so far:

Partido Comunista de España (PCE)

Partido Comunista de Cuba

Partido Comunista Portugués (PCP)

Partido Comunista Francés (PCF)

AKEL (Chipre)

Partido Comunista de la Federación Rusa (PCFR)

Partido del Pueblo Palestino (PPP)

Hungarian Workers Party

CP of Norway

South African Communist Party (SACP)

Sudanese Communist Parties

Left Unity

Partido Comunista de Palestina (PCP)

Partido Cívico Unido de Bielorrusia (UCPG)

Worker’s Party of Ireland

Udar Ljevice de Bosnia y Herzegovina

Rifondazione Comunista

Levica (The Slovenian Left)

Partido Comunista de Bohemia y Moravia


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