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In light of the situation created by the expansion of the COVID-19 epidemic and its impact in Spain

16 de Marzo de 2020

1st We support the declaration of state of alert adopted by the Government of Spain and we keep working to adopt the measures needed to prevent the health crisis from becoming an economic and social crisis. These measures should be taken as soon as possible and while this situation lasts.


2nd - We appreciate the work and effort of the people who work on services that are essential for society: healthcare, social care, transport, food, logistics, communications, cleaning, energy, security forces and, in general, all the workers, self-employed and small and medium-sized entrepreneurs who keep working in these difficult days and help making the country work, thus minimizing the economic and social impact of this crisis.

We are proud to have you as our fellow compatriots and we strenghten our commitment in defending your jobs and decent working conditions. We will keep fighting to obtain measures that support all those who are or become unemployed or socially vulnerable. Nobody should be left behind.

We call on society to reflect on the shameful working and salary conditions in strategic sectors. Today, those workers are at the forefront of the fight in defense of the whole of our society: shelf-stackers, cashiers, cleaners, domestic workers, care workers, drivers, etc.


3rd - We reiterate our commitment to make our organizational resources, comrades, public offices and headquarters available to health and social authorities, as well as to social organizations that serve the vulnerable or socially unprotected population, in accordance with the provisions and regulations established in the Article 7 of State of Alert Decree.

All our regional organizations are collaborating, and will continue to do so, with popular solidarity networks that act in their areas of intervention, providing them with the support needed to carry out their work among the most vulnerable citizens, especially the elderly, children, sick people or socially vulnerable families. Where necessary, such networks will be created if they don’t already exist. In particular, we aim to ensure that popular solidarity networks guarantee: the acquisition and distribution of food, pharmaceutical products and consumer staples for vulnerable people; getting those who cannot travel by their own means to healthcare centers, services and establishments; assistance and care for the elderly, children, dependent people, people with disabilities or especially vulnerable people. In any case, as established by the State of Alert Decree, the recommendations and obligations issued by the health authorities must be respected at all times.

We offer all kinds of collaboration to healthcare and civil protection staff and authorities in order to help them duly fulfill their task if necessary. We call for support for the measures adopted by public administrations to defend citizens’ health and their labor and social rights. We must emerge from this crisis with strengthened public policies and services, which the right had long forgotten, reduced, underfunded and privatized where they have governed.

We call for citizen solidarity and collective discipline when implementing the essential measures to tackle this pandemic: individual responsibility based on the common good. Protecting society from the spread of this pandemic requires responsible and supportive attitudes that we all must follow.


4th - We welcome the declaration of the state of alert, which allows the Government to coordinate and plan measures and functions of any public administration, as well their line of action being both the Article 128 of the Constitution and the General Healthcare Law of 1986 regarding special measures that may be needed and implemented. We welcome that the Health Department will have at its disposal all the administrations, infrastructures and healthcare and emergency staff needed to face this situation. This includes the National Healthcare System network –which is under the Department and the different Autonomous Communities–, as well as the staff, infrastructures and services of the private healthcare system, non-profit organizations (hospitals of religious affiliation) and Military Healthcare: hospitals, staff, laboratories and military pharmacy.

We support the immediate and centralized reinforcement of healthcare staff, not only medical and nursing personnel, assistants or laboratory technicians, but also non-healthcare personnel that provide support in care facilities and centers.



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