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90 aniversario PCE

Mensaje del CC de la organización chipriota AKEL al Partido Comunista de España por su 90 aniversario del PCE

Secretaría de Política Internacional del PCE / 17 dic 11


On the occasion of the 90th Anniversary of the Communist Party of Spain and the special Ceremony organized by your Party to celebrate this anniversary, the Central Committee of AKEL addresses to you, to the cadres and membership of PCE its warmest comradely greetings.

The foundation of PCE, as a result of the development of the working class and the catalytic impact of the Great Socialist Octobers’ Revolution, has been a turning point to the struggles of the working class of Spain against the capitalist exploitation. PCE during the 90 years of its history has been profoundly linked to the life of the working class and the Spanish people standing in the first line of all struggles and has inscribed the struggle for freedom, democracy and socialism, in its project and in its activity.

We Cypriot communists remember with great emotions the Struggle of Spanish communists in defence of democracy and against foreign intervention and honour the memory of the thousands of victims and veterans. So much more that Cypriot communists, including our former General Secretary Ezekias Papaioannou, had fought alongside Spanish communists in defence of democracy and human values.

Today, amidst the biggest systemic crisis of capitalism the communist ideas prove to be the most accurate in exposing the inhuman and unjust nature of capitalism. We are faced with a ruthless attack against long-fought workers’, labour and social rights coupled with a dangerous militarization and threats of wars which have always been used as an exit for capitalism from its crisis.

We believe that this is a time when communist and left forces should coordinate actions and cooperate in the common struggle to fight against the attacks on the working people, on human values, against wars and for the safeguarding of our planet for the future generations.

Through your daily struggles and political commitment your Party has succeeded to become the pure voice of the thousands of demonstrators in Spain refusing to pay for the capitalist crisis, against the harsh austerity measures imposed by the Spanish government, for real democracy. This is proved from the successful results of your Party in the November’s general elections for which we have rejoiced with you.

The bilateral relations and understanding between our two Parties based on our common struggles for social justice, democracy and peace, on mutual respect and solidarity have been developing and consolidating over many years. We look forward and are committed to work for even closer fraternal cooperation between our Parties.

On this occasion we would like to express to all comrades our thanks for your active solidarity and support to the struggle of AKEL and the Cypriot people for the end of the Turkish occupation of 37% of our island, for the reunification of our island and its people under a bizonal bicommunal federation, with the human rights and freedoms of both Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots safeguarded, so that Cyprus would be a bridge of peace in the troubled area of the Eastern Mediterranean.

We are certain that the 90 years of history of your Party was just the beginning of your struggles and the path for socialism, social progress and democracy will be the bright future of the working class in Spain and the world.

We warmly congratulate you and wish you every success in your struggles.

The Central Committee of AKEL Nicosia,
16th December 2011

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